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Shouldn’t every student and teacher have access to a telescope and the celestial wonders it reveals? We think so, and so do our friends at Astrosphere New Media Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving science literacy and education. Together, Astrosphere and Galileoscope, LLC, are sending Galileoscope kits to teachers and schools worldwide through the Telescopes4Teachers program! You can help — donate today! In the U.S., your donations are tax-deductible! Read more…

Sponsorship Opportunities

IYL_Logo_133x133Are you interested in having a major impact on science education? The United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Light (IYL), celebrating (among other anniversaries) 100 years since Einstein published his general theory of relativity and 50 years since the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation. The Galileoscope is part of IYL’s cornerstone project Cosmic Light, with the goal of distributing at least 100,000 Galileoscopes to science educators in 2015. You, your company, or your foundation can help by making a major donation! Read more…

Edelman Financial Services

Ric & Jean Edelman have sponsored the production
of 10,000 Galileoscopes to be distributed to teachers during the International Year of Light 2015. You can help us reach our goal of putting 100,000 telescopes
in the hands of teachers and students this year by joining Ric & Jean as IYL 2015 Galileoscope sponsors.