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Getting Started with the Galileoscope


Telescopic astronomy is easy!

Step 1: Get yourself a Galileoscope. If you don’t already have one, see our Order Kits page.


Step 2: Assemble your Galileoscope by following our assembly instructions.

Galileoscope_Box_Contents_533x400Step 3: Attach your Galileoscope to a photo tripod or other suitable mount. See our specifications page (“Details, Details…”) for suggestions on where to get a tripod, or how to build a box mount.

Step 4: Figure out what you want to look at at night by consulting a sky star chart for the current month; you can download printable sky charts at During the day, using a solar filter from Rainbow Symphony, you can safely look at the Sun with your Galileoscope!


Step 5: Go outside and have fun!

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