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Get Ready for the Great North American Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, North America will be treated to a total solar eclipse, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align. The Moon’s dark shadow will sweep from Mexico into Texas, northeast across the U.S. to Maine, and on through eastern Canada. Daylight will plunge into deep twilight, revealing the magnificent solar corona for anyone fortunate to be within the 115-mile-wide path of totality under clear skies. Nearly everyone in North America will have at least a partial solar eclipse that day.

The Galileoscope is a wonderful telescope for observing solar eclipses — and for observing sunspots on any sunny day and the Moon, planets, and other celestial highlights on any clear night. To celebrate the April 2024 solar eclipse, Explore Scientific is making kits available at special bulk-discounted prices for schools, planetariums, parks, businesses, and other organizations eager to support their students, attendees, and customers in getting great views of the Sun.

To ensure eye safety, Explore Scientific has developed a safe solar filter — one that meets the transmittance requirements of the ISO 12312-2 international standard — that fits snugly inside the Galileoscope’s dew cap, along with a sunshade that keeps bright sunlight off your face while observing and that doubles as a pointing aid so that you can safely aim your Galileoscope at the Sun without risk to your eyes. Moreover, the company also is offering a tripod for the Galileoscope at steep quantity discounts. The tripod easily adjusts in altitude (up-down) and azimuth (left-right) and reaches a maximum height of 48 inches; you can make it taller, if necessary, by setting it on a table. Note that while all the other gear is available now, the tripod won’t begin shipping until mid-March.

The specially priced Galileoscope kits come two ways: telescope alone or telescope prepackaged with solar filters and sunshades. If you already have plenty of Galileoscopes, you can order tripods and/or filters and sunshades for them separately.

Explore Scientific is also offering steep bulk discounts to Galileoscope customers on its Sun Catcher eclipse glasses, which are safe for direct solar viewing because they meet the requirements of the ISO 12312-2 international standard.

To take advantage of this discounted eclipse pricing and get your gear in time for the solar eclipse, fill out the form below as soon as possible. Explore Scientific will respond with a freight quote based on your shipping address, and then you can finalize and pay for your order.

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